LEARN A WORD 学个词 第3431课 lag

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今天我们要学的词是 lag.

lag的意思是落后,滞后。 In conservative Pakistan, women’s sports still lag far behind those of their male counterparts, which prompts women who enjoy sports to push the boundaries and demand change. 在社会保守的巴基斯坦,女子体育运动仍然远远落后于男子,这促使那些喜欢体育运动的女性努力打破藩篱,要求变革。

African-American voters back Medicare for All more than other groups, polls show, but the policy’s two chief proponents, Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren continue to lag well behind Joe Biden with these voters. 民调显示,非洲裔美国人选民比其他族裔团体更支持全民健保,但这一政策的两个主要推动者、参议员桑德斯和沃伦在这些选民中的支持率仍远远落后于拜登。
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