LEARN A WORD 学个词 第3394课 impediment

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impediment 的意思是障碍。 Justice Clarence Thomas said the “biggest impediment” in his life hadn’t been bigots or racists but the “modern-day liberal” in a new documentary set to release next year. 大法官托马斯在将于明年推出的一个新的纪录片中指出,他一生中的“最大障碍”不是偏执狂或种族主义者,而是“现代自由主义者”。

Those who are against the American Electoral College usually argue that it is an impediment to the pure principle of "one man, one vote." 那些反对美国选举人制度的人通常认为,这一制度妨碍了“一人一票”的绝对原则。
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