LEARN A WORD 学个词 第3320课 acrimonious

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今天我们要学的词是 acrimonious.

acrimonious 是形容尖刻的、充满火药味的。 U.S. President Donald Trump will host Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan for a meeting that officials in Islamabad hope could mean a turnaround of often acrimonious bilateral relations. 美国总统特朗普即将与来访的巴基斯坦总理伊姆兰汗举行会谈,伊斯兰堡官员希望这可能意味着两国常常充满火药味的关系发生转变。

Democrat lawmakers in Oregon have learned the limits of their power during their legislature's most acrimonious session in memory when Republican lawmakers boycotted the State Senate. 在俄勒冈州的共和党议员们抵制州参议院时,该州民主党议员们体会到有史以来最充满火药味的立法会议期间他们权力的极限。
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