LEARN A WORD 学个词 第3278课 presage

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今天我们要学的词是 presage.

Presage 的意思是预示、预兆,特别是不祥之兆。 The result of NATO's assessment of China’s military capability could presage a new eastern focus for a security bloc that formed in 1949 with the goal of deterring the Soviet aggression. 北约对中国军事能力进行评估的结果,可能预示出这个1949年为吓阻苏联侵略而成立的安全组织将把东方作为新的焦点。

President Trump's request for $8.6 billion in border wall funding presages a new fight with lawmakers over the issue in the coming months during the third year of his presidency. 特朗普总统要求为边境墙拨款86亿美元资金,这预示着他在担任总统第三个年头的未来数月内,将与国会议员们展开新一轮较量。
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